Thursday, May 21, 2009

Proof That We're Born This Way...

There are people in this world who actually believe that gay people aren't created, they believe that we gays have a choice when it comes to which sex we are attracted to. The people who believe this myth are also the folks who throw around the word "phase" when confronted with a homosexual relative or friend. These people, my gay brethren and sistren, are what we call "ignorant". A "choice" is ranch or italian dressing(always ranch). A "choice" is democrat or republican(always democrat). A "phase" is dressing like T-Boz in the early 90's(yeah that was me). A "phase" is wearing mismatched Converse All Stars from 5th grade until 9th grade(also me, plus lots of other weirdos). I think we can all agree that no one would choose to be hated by people, and if it was a controlled phase, wouldn't we stop doing it when we saw how awful it felt to be hated?

Here at "Gays In The Life", we are ready to prove that not only is being gay not a choice and not a phase, we're born this way. Please refer to the photo on the left. This is a young Meta Kroker, clearly a little girl in her pretty red nightgown with cute lacy frills and delicious curls. Look a little closer and you will see this little girl is also clearly a lesbian, sporting a tool belt over her girly little nightgown. Choice? Methinks not. She was born this way.

**Please feel free to send us any pictures that you might have proving that "we're" born this way...and by "we're", we mean all gays, not just Meta & Joe, though we're sure there are plenty of photos floating around proving that Meta & Joe are gay...**


loungeboy said...

I had this 3 foot high doll that I played with. She would pee and close her eyes when I laid her down. That said volumes! At 4 years old I waned to be a garbage man, which later manifested into the type of men I'd sleep with. I kid! Love you Mike!

Meta, Merta, Meat or Wombat said...

Sean, if you have any photographic evidence of your childhood gayness, we'd love to see it!

corsakti said...

hi meta its corinne!

love this blog so far.

by the way, i (girl who enjoys cock) had a toolbelt at a young age and so does my (orientation yet to be determinated) daughter. she insists on helping us assemble furniture. i can only assume her love of construction will become ever more useful past age 2.