Saturday, May 23, 2009

Bears, cubs and otters...Oh My.

Today I was "woofed" at on the street.

See gays put labels on each other. There's bears which are big bellied hairy men. The cubs are like younger bears. Otters are slim, young hairy men. I don't identify in any of these sub-types. In fact, I find them horrible....I don't enjoy being referred to assome woodland mammal. Or worse! Chub. Why don't you just call us fat asses and get to it?

It's like how girls get Lane Bryant or words used like "curvy" or "plus sized". Men? We get Big and Tall Stores and 4X, 5X etc. like ,"you're so fat that we can't fit all the X's on a standard label. We have to use the number of X's to save space. "

Anyway...if you woof at me I'm not likely to answer...I'm bitchy, smooth, drink far too much and LOVE raves. I identify as a morbidly obese twink.

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